1. Regular Bet
    1. The standard event format is a Partner Best Ball Match Play. If the low net scores tie, it goes to the second ball score. 
    2. The payout is $25 for the front, $25 for the back, and $25 for the overall.
    3. Double birdies from a single team are worth two points unless a single player from the other team makes a birdie. In that case only one point is awarded.
    4. Double eagles from a team on a single hole and the match is over. For example, if team A has won the front and overall and team B double eagles the 18th hole, team B wins everything and team A wins nothing. If an opposing player has an eagle on the same hole it cancels out the double eagle.
  2. Birdie Payouts
    1. A player who makes a birdie is owed $2 + the rounded down index of the player. For example, a 5.7 index = $7 from each player. Minimum payout of $2.
    2. A player who makes an eagle is owed 5 times their birdie value. For example, a $8 is owed $40 from each player.
    3. A player who makes an albatross is owed $150 plus the total yardage of the hole. 
    4. A hole in one pays $100 plus the yardage of the shot from each player. For example, an ace from 155 pays $255 from each player.
    5. Heating up rule: A player making consecutive scores better than par increase earnings equal to double the value of the hole. For example, if a birdie is worth $10, the second birdie is worth $20, the third in a row is worth $40, the fourth in a row is worth $80. Another example, if a birdie is worth $10 on the first hole, and an eagle is alone worth $30, heating up would make it worth $60.
  3. Annual Bet
    1. Any players with more than three events are eligible for the annual bet.
    2. Entry is $100 per year.
    3. The earnings leader at the end of the year is paid 66% of the cash in the pot and the second place place earns 33% of the cash.
    4. The earnings leader wins the headcover for the following year.
  4. No Show/Cancellations
    1. Any cancellation inside of 36 hours of tee time will result in $50 deductions from the leaderboard.
  5. Rule Additions and Changes
    1. Any new rule or change must be voted on and approved by four out of the six members or a majority of the regular members, or three of the original four members.
    2. Any rule impacting earnings cannot be made after the first tpminitour event of the calendar year. 

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