testimonialsOur motivation for creating Thunder Par was simple:

  1. Make the event more fun for the players
  2. Simplify event planning for the organizer.

See what players and event organizers are saying:

I knew of Thunder Par prior to using it actually “on the course”, and when I got to use it at a tournament in San Diego, it was awesome! Immediately, the rest of the tournament (none of whom were familiar with the app) jumped in and wholeheartedly accepted it as the “de facto” form of communication between players as well as live scoreboard. I play in a few “scramble” tournaments a year, and I wish that they used the Thunder Par app as well. It lent itself to a better understanding of where everyone else was (and therefore your own group) in the scoring, as well as providing a fun and different platform on which to heckle or congratulate each other…usually the former!

Dustin, Player

Great job with Thunder Par. Very positive feedback from all in attendance. Good luck with future tournaments and look forward to working together next year.

Doug, Event Organizer and Player

Thunder Par is a golfer’s dream, especially when you’re playing in a golf tournament and you are unaware of how you’re scoring against the field. In this day of high tech Smartphones, Androids, IPads, etc., Thunder Par is a great app which enables you to not only keep golf scores individually and in a foursome, but it also enables you to view the leaders and where you stand in the golf tournament… which is a “plus” in determining your hole-to-hole golf strategy. Thunder Par makes me feel like a touring professional with up-to-date tournament player scoring…right in the palm of my Smartphone hand.

Gerry, Player

Printable sign up sheets were great. To be able to print an alphabetical sign up sheet was very nice. Being able to put my sponsor on it was awesome. They loved that.

Dennis, Event Organizer, Leesburg, VA

I used Thunder Par earlier this year at my company golf scramble. I was able to keep track of my co-workers score and send them texts on the course making fun of their last hole. Using this app made me feel like I was on The PGA tour with a leader board posted at each hole. It helped make for a fun day and made the entire experience more interactive.

Karl, Player

It just works. Simple, easy navigation and user-friendly.

Brandon, Player, No MA’AM 2012 Invitational, Austin, TX

The app was great…it was a fun way to keep everyone engaged as a group instead of just out on your own.

Event Organizer, Friends of the Fatherless, Denver, CO

The guys loved the app! We had a 57, and three 58’s. Those groups said that they watched it after every hole, and planned strategy accordingly. When they missed a 14 footer on 16, they knew it cost them the tournament….great pressure-filled stories like that.

Jared, High School Golf Coach and Event Organizer, 1st Annual Wolfpack Scramble, Temecula, CA

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